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Bro, nobody is “taking away your childhood”... you’ll always remember your dad leaving.
Bartenders, going forward, if I ever order a “Tito’s & Vodka”, I want you to know that I actually meant what I said.
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After teaching high school for 12 years, Cory Michaelis "retired" to do comedy full time because he wanted to try out both of the lowest paying jobs in America. Now in his 12th year as a comedian (he's not THAT old...there was some overlap)


Cory has a Dry Bar Comedy Special -"Bad Teacher" - that snagged over 60 million views. His debut album, "The Collage Dropout," was released by 800 Lb. Gorilla Records and charted at #2 on iTunes & Billboard (because it was the only album released that week). Cory was a finalist in the Seattle Comedy Competition which means he didn't win and was in Season 2 of Netflix's "Huge in France" with Gad Almelah.

In addition to headlining comedy clubs all over the US and Canada, Cory has taken his act global, doing tours in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Pakistan. He also produces Everett Comedy Night in hometown which has had 8 straight years of sold out shows.


His act is sharp and irreverent and not suitable for the high school students he used to teach.

Seattle International Comedy Competition Finalist

Big Pine Comedy Festival Best in Fest

Mother's Day 2019 Best Son

"Congratulations on your excellent, CLEAN comedy special, 'Bad Teacher.' I'm proud of you!"

Louie Anderson



Just walked by a guy on the plane wearing a MAGA hat. Didn’t know people were still doing that. I get it, though, I’m wearing a Seattle Mariners shirt.


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I told a friend I get anxiety from thinking that people are talking badly about me and he was like “don’t worry about that, people aren’t even thinking about you” and now I have anxiety about that

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